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Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Note:- We do not Provide any low risk services.

  • Gross Annual Income detail? []
      Below 1 lac.
      1-5 lac.
      5-10 lac.
      10-25 lac.
      ›25 lac.
  • Proposed Investment Amount? []
      ‹1 lacs.
      1-2 lacs.
      2-5 lacs.
      5 lacs.
  • Investment Experience? []
      ‹1 years.
      ‹3 years.
      3-5 years.
      ›5 years.
  • How many dependents do you financially support? []
      Only 1.
      Between 1-3.
  • What is the size of your emergency fund ? []
      do not have .
      ‹1 month income.
      1-3 months income.
      3-6 months income.
      6 months income.
  • What is your experience with investments in past ?[]
      Very Good.
      Very Bad.
  • What is your preference w.r.t securities with low risk, low return over high risk,high return ? []
      Strongly prefer.
      Do not prefer.
      Strongly do not prefer.
  • When Pointet is not performing well do you prefer to buy risky investments and sell less risky investments ? []
      Strongly prefer.
      Do not prefer.
      Strongly do not prefer.
  • Risk Tolerance? []
  • What percentage of monthly income is allocated to pay off debt [all EMIs]? []
      None .
      Between 0% -20%.
      Between 20% – 35%.
      Between 35% – 50%.
  • Investment objective? []
      To grow Aggressively.
      To grow significantly.
      To grow moderately.
      To grow with caution.
      To avoid losing money.
  • How long do you want to stay invested into Pointet investment? []
      0-6 Months.
      7-12 Months.
      13-24 Months.
      24 Months.
  • How secure is your current and future income from sources? []
      Not Secure.
      Somewhat Secure.
      Fairly Secure.
      Very Secure.
  • How familiar are you with your investment matters? []
      Not Familiar at all with Investment and feel uncomfortable with Complexity.
      Some What Familiar. I don’t fully understand Investments.
      Fairly Familiar. I understand the various factors which influence Investment Performance.
      Very Familiar. I use Research to make investment decision. I understand various factors which influence Investment performance.
  • Assume that you have invested Rs1,00,000 in a share that goes down by 8% the next day. You. []
      average your cost by investing another Rs1,00,000 at a lower price.
      do not bother because you had done enough research on the company.
      book your loss and invest in fixed deposits or bonds.
      hold on till the share comes back to your cost price and sell it.
  • How would you `honestly’ describe yourself as a risk-taker? []
      reckless (I don’t mind if I lose money ).
      willing to take evaluated risks (I can tolerate a some loss).
      low risk taking capability. (I’d have a hard time tolerating any losses).
      extremely averse to risk.
  • What is the condition of your emergency fund? []
      I do not have.
      I do not have, but I can manage.
      I am Maintaining.
  • What percentage of monthly income is allocated to pay off debt [all EMIs]? []
      Between 20% – 35%.
      Between 35% – 45%.
  • How would you describe your overall income status? []
      About manage to make ends meet; no monthly savings.
      PF and other employment benefits are my only source of savings.
      put aside at least 10% of my take-home salary every month in savings.
      have more than 30% of my take-home salary every month.
      income from my wealth more than adequately provides for my cost of living.
  • Above Mentioned Services fall into the risk category choosen by you. If you agree to the above then click Yes.If you do not agree please click No.

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    The questionnaire returns a score on the basis of which clients fall in either of the category mentioned below. This assessment is made solely on the basis of the financial situation of the client and the answers selected by him/her.

    Investment risk profile

    Score Indicative Investor Profile Description Service To Recommend
    ‹20 Points Conservative Who does not wish to take any investment risk. Your priority is to safeguard your investment capital. You are prepared to forego higher returns for peace of mind N/A*
    20-57 Balanced You prefer a balance between capital growth and capital security. You are prepared to accept some short term risk in order to gain longer term capital growth. Positional Cash
    58-100 Assertive (Growth) You are most interested in maximising long term capital growth, although you do not wish to make unbalanced investment decisions. You are happy to take calculated risks in order to maximise long term capital growth. Tax advantaged investments are a focus.
    • Intraday Cash
    • Short Term/Positional Cash ( Both Blue chip and Mid Cap)
    • F&O Strategies
    101-133 Points Aggressive You are willing to accept higher performance fluctuations in return for potentially higher long term capital growth. You also have a greater focus on tax advantaged investments and/or leverage of your assets to further improve capital growth potential.
    • Intraday Future
    • Index
    • Intraday Option
    133+ Points Very Aggressive Security of capital is secondary to the pursuit of high investment returns. Your portfolio will comprise almost solely of growth assets and you are happy to accept the risks this involves.
    • Intraday Future
    • Index
    • Intraday MCX Commodities
    • Intraday NCDEX Commodities
    • Option ( Writing or Shorting)
    *We do not have product such as RD, FD for conservative investors.
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