Premium service in stock cash are designed according to the needs of the client. These are personalized services in which you will be getting personal support through call, whenever you need. Stock cash premium is the upgraded version of stock cash, wherein the premium treatment will be provided for the specific services, below mentioned are the key features of Stock cash premium.

Telephonic support for each call is the key feature of this Stock cash premium segment

What you will get ?

  • Nifty morning level, support and resistance.
  • Purely intraday calls
  • Quality based calls, no quantity calls
  • Only 3-5 calls in a day
  • Calls are technically as well as fundamentally tested
  • 2 targets and single stop loss calls will be provided
  • Proper follow up calls.
  • Opening and closing bell, with proper market updates, data events for the day.
  • Next day Trade forecast.

Medium Of Calls –

  1. All calls will be provided with instant message service directly on your mobile, without any delay, so that you can trade timely in calls
  2. Telephonic support will be provide for each call
  3. Personal assistance, follow ups through messages and calls
  4. All CDMA, GSM network is covered